Dear Reddit: My local post office hates me, and it's your fault

Thank you! Here's roughly half your order ready for shipping -  if you ordered before the 3rd your posters shipped on or before Friday. Those of you who live in the UK should be receiving your prints in a day or so. Airmail can take up to ten days, so especially if you're living in one of the West Coast states please be patient, I promise they're on their way!

ps. This is how badly you guys hosed the blog. I'm now very glad I decided to host here rather than as an extention of my own website. 

I've found a company to print my Hydrogen design as a t-shirt. I know a few of you asked, so here are links to their site;
men's t-shirt
women's t-shirt

edit: they're having issues with paypal at the moment. If you email, with the sex, size, and quantity they'll email you an invoice that you can use to pay via paypal. Alternatively you can wait until tomorrow! 



Reogan said...

Am I to assume the skulls cover shipping information?

Jake said...


Kip said...

Dan at threadme has been brilliant in dealing with my t-shirt order. I can't wait!

Daniel said...

Sad, its UK-only... :(

Would totally buy it (from EU)

Jake said...

Daniel: they're not UK only :)

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