You Dirty Thing, You

In the average adult are 100 trillion human cells and 1,500 trillion microbes. At best you are a little more than 10% you. We're all just petri dishes with shoes.

Based on information and a quote by anyletter (who needs to contact me via his reddit account if (s)he still wants a free copy!) 

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How I work
I keep getting asked how I work, so I thought I'd post up some rough work here too. Unusually I knew exactly how I was going to illustrate this quote the second I read it. Usually though, I begin with a page or three of thumbnail sketches.

I still had to figure out exactly how the figure was going to look though. Yes, there's a penis. I dropped this to make the figure a little more androgynous (although I think the stance and body-shape is still more typically male). Also, thank god I got rid of the bunches.

I then looked up some bacteria body types on google images, and doodled them for an hour or so, pen straight to paper (they were so quick to draw I wasn't worried about making mistakes).

Next I scanned the sketches. I used live trace in illustrator to vectorise the bacteria, and added colour. I then used a tablet to draw over the figure, fixing the shape as I went.

With those steps done I composed the final image. I then imported this into Photoshop, and added a little noise. Job done!

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