There are 59 skulls in this image

There are 59 skulls in this image

Apparently, according to Harvard Medical School, 45,000 Americans die a year due to lack of Universal Healthcare. That's 58 times the number of people who die yearly due to terrorism, at least according to the US Department of State (although we're not entirely sure what they class as 'terrorism').

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Jewish Atheist said...

I blogged this picture.

Berkana said...

You ought to change "invade a hospital" to "invade a health insurance company"; it is because people can't afford the exorbitant cost of insurance that they can't get hospital care to begin with.

sueneu said...

I put a link to this picture and the article from FastCompany on my Facebook page, it has stimulated an ongoing and heated discussion about health care.
Good work!

Jake said...

thanks sueneu!

Garry J. Wise, Wise Law Office, Toronto said...

Also blogged at Wise Law Blog. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Jake, I did a further investigation of the department of state numbers at the Innocent Smith Journal (while sparing you further critique):

By the way, in general I really dig your work!

Jake said...

Here you go ;)

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